How to Hear the Unsaid

My success as an FBI agent came from recognizing my accountability in every conversation. Earning trust in conversations with high stakes outcomes wasn’t easy but is was essential. It was important to listen to what was said, however learning to hear the UNSAID proved to be the key insight. Understanding doesn’t always afford agreement but listening to understand always affirms dignity. As a Hostage Negotiator and Profiler, I was committed to finding common ground and moving forward together.

Through my expert-led Unsaid Lab, you will gain the most effective tool to:

  • Connect with people despite different perspectives.
  • Navigate difficult conversations with accountability.
  • Create or restore trust with people who seek to be represented in the outcomes.
  • Inspire people toward courage.

Unsaid Lab

  • Register a small group of 8-10 individuals to attend a 1-day seminar.
  • Show up in-person not an image on a screen.
  • Learn how active listening builds trust and meaningful results.
  • Hearing the Unsaid saves money, time, and relationships.

Communication Coach

  • Receive extra hours of assistance during critical events.
  • Elevate outcomes from long-term coaching tailored to specific communication needs.
  • Benefit from personalized consulting.

Motivational Speaker

  • Gain expert knowledge from an FBI Hostage Negotiator & Profiler.
  • Benefit from insights and lessons provided by Author of Reach - Rewriting the Story of Power.
  • Shape your future guided by possibility.

Explore the Lab

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