The Courage of Connection

My book weaves the compelling stories of individuals I met throughout my career and my own experiences with trust. It is a journey through the brokenness we all share and fear, inviting us toward courage. I hope the quiet voices revealed among the pages, connect with your voice and allow each of us to hear one another, expanding the power of our reach.


Experience in Action

My leadership role as a Crisis Negotiator and Profiler in the elite Behavioral Analysis Unit has given me a unique perspective. I bring real-world applications and dynamic insights shaped by hands-on experience and seasoned expertise to diverse groups.

The Power of Listening in Influence

Throughout my career, one crucial realization has remained steadfast: The ability to influence is grounded in the art of listening. This foundational principle has been the cornerstone of my journey. Explore alongside me to navigate the power of listening and the multifaceted application of expertise to shape outcomes.